Vixen Ride On Penis Extender 6.5 Inch


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Go the extra inch (or two) with Vixen’s Ride On Penis Extender. Perfect for chaps who want a longer, thicker erection, just slip yourself inside its smooth canal and pop your balls through the loop for longer-lasting, super-satisfying hanky panky. Whether you’re looking for an accessory to delay ejaculation, maintain your erection or simply to boost your proportions, this lifelike sleeve does it all. Beautifully crafted from skin-safe materials, it feels super-realistic and adds up to 2. 5 inches onto your natural length. The moulded veins and ridges give it a lifelike look and feel, while its subtle curve makes precise G-spot or P-spot pleasure a cinch. Slip your testicles through the stretchy loop at the base, with the flexible ring resting against your perineum, and insert your penis into the shaft of the extender to feel like an unstoppable hero in the bedroom. Top tips for easy wear: – Always warm the extension in warm water before wear to soften the material and make it more easy to manipulate – Be generous with the lube! Lube the inside of the shaft, the ball loop and yourself (balls too) to ensure smooth-insertion and long-lasting comfort – Once in place, lube the outer surface and your partner to ensure you both enjoy the same gratifying glide